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Wah Wah Records set to open in Wakefield

By on Feb 18, 2014 in News | 0 comments

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It doesn’t seem like the distant past that people were writing off the record store as a dying breed – and, in a way, those that claimed that have been right. Mainstream music retailers have either had to shrink and diversify – HMV – or die – Music Zone, Our Price and various others – but the wonderful underbelly of independents have grown to fill the void left by those big boys. With two thriving record shops in Leeds – Jumbo and Crash – it looks like they’re soon that have a little brother in nearby Wakefield very, very soon.

Vinyl resurgence

A medium that was written off – much like the record shops that housed them – was the humble vinyl. Though people are undoubtedly buying less music, those that are seem to prefer to permanence and fuzz of wax over the digital falseness of a CD. Wah Wah Records looks like it will be catering for those who like their records with a bit of character.

Opening in early April – just in time for Record Store Day and the glut of limited edition releases that come with it – Wah Wah acts as yet more proof that it’ll take more than piracy, MP3s, overpricing, over-reliance on re-issues, major label negligence, payola and the slow death of music journalism to kill record shops.

Wah Wah Records, 15 Brook Street, WF1 1QW Wakefield

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